We design and deliver comprehensive review and improvement plans for teams, business units and whole companies.

Our review work always develops the improvement plan (not just a diagnoses of what is wrong!).

In our review work we also seek out and test talent to identify the key enablers for change and improvement.

We then guide the staff and leaders to deliver the improvement plan.

All our review work for clients targets increased results from increased productivity and morale.

We deliver:

  • Business units and programs review
  • Companies, Divisions and Departments reviews
  • Board of Directors Governance reviews
  • Business process and systems reviews

Our review work factors in several elements:

  • Business must continue while reviews happen
  • Staff must be involved in the process
  • Attention to communication, culture and change management elements

Typical review client and business outcomes:

  • Increased productivity, morale and profitability
  • Re-engineered services and business systems and processes
  • New metrics, workload management and operating system installed
  • Clearer working structures and new job profiles created
  • New skills installed
  • Succession plan addressed
  • Ongoing monitoring system established

Typical review process

Typical review process


Creating well thought out plans takes time. We make our clients' lives easier and improve their business results by installing simple yet powerful corporate and business planning processes. Our planning processes, approaches, tools and methods have been honed to be the best of breed when it comes to planning.

We design, facilitate and deliver:

  • Corporate planning processes and frameworks
  • Strategic plans
  • Business plans
  • Business planning toolkits
  • Board Governance Plans
  • Sales and marketing plans
  • Organisational development strategies
  • Culture strategies
  • Customer Service improvement strategies
  • Succession management plans
  • Performance measurement systems and Managers’ Toolkits
  • KPI - design, setting and monitoring

We also offer skills development offers in this area that covers:

  • Strategic and business planning
  • Maximising team performance
  • Tough Conversations

Typical Planning outcomes for clients and organisation:

  • Plans used not shelved
  • Strong sense of future direction
  • Better business rationale underpinning future plans including budget links
  • Shared spirit of possibility and commitment to actions
  • The vehicle to deliver business success
  • Ongoing commitment to planning, measuring and reviewing
  • Strategic thinking capability increased within the organisation
  • Skills transfer to leaders and staff

Planning – An overview

Planning – An overview

Change ManagementChange Management

We pride ourselves in making change practical. Our change management frameworks when coupled with a communication and marketing strategy brings strength and optimism to the journey - charting the future of change. We work to understand the individual, team, organisation and clients’ needs and outcomes.

We are expert at planning, guiding and unfolding change journeys in companies to maximise productivity and morale through and beyond change rollouts.

Specifically we design, plan and implement practical change management strategies - ranging across:

  • Merger, acquisition and takeover management
  • Technology rollouts
  • Culture Development
  • Business re-engineering
  • Business review implementation
  • Organisation re-structures

The key elements of change journeys we deliver are:

  • Change strategy workshops
  • Change planning
  • Stakeholder assessment – internal/external
  • Focus groups and interviews
  • Design and script communications
  • Managers briefings and change toolkits
  • Logistics planning sessions
  • Change monitoring and pulse checks
  • Embedding and sustainability checking

Typical Change Management client and organisation outcomes:

  • High rated of change take up and adaptation
  • Minimised productivity and morale loss
  • Lower turnover of key staff
  • More flexible and change embracing workforce
  • Established culture of improvement
  • Stronger sense of the strategic fit of change management
A change journey roadmap

Facilitation ServicesFacilitation Services

We pride ourselves on the excellence of our facilitation skills. We design and facilitate sessions for our clients that enable them to be participants and leave the guiding of the process to us.

We design and facilitate:

  • Planning sessions
  • Board planning session
  • Staff conferences
  • Client presentations and conferences
  • Team building and planning sessions
  • Staff and customer focus groups
  • Business improvement forums
  • Culture mapping processes
  • Business process re-engineering forums

Presentation Design & CoachingPresentation Design & Coaching

Presentations and keynotes are ideal opportunities for leaders to position their ideas and communicate key messages. We support our clients to design as well as deliver in the most powerful way possible.

We offer our clients support in:

  • Key note and presentation design
  • Conference design
  • One to one public presentation and leadership skills development
  • Rehearsal sessions and refinement

Conference Design & DeliveryConference Design & Delivery

Staff and customer conferences need to be maximum impact events. It is important to deliver staff and customer meetings and conferences well.

We offer our clients support to:

  • Develop concept, theme and production
  • design and deliver the entire process
  • design for delivery by client and their team
  • source presenters and plan agendas
  • MC the overall event
  • manage backstage logistics