Assessing, charting and shaping the evolution, improvement and profitability to be realised from a healthy company culture.

The wonderful thing about cultural work is watching the results either from removing cultural blockages or through creating and building strong new cultural platforms.
In our experience this can take minutes or years. It depends on many factors.

We use many of our uniquely designed methods honed from our years of collective experience.

We often use our Values and Leadership Toolkit© and Creating Powerful Cultures Toolkit©.

For our clients we can deliver:

  • Culture Assessment and mapping - qualitative and quantitative- to gain a thorough understanding of the realities of the present, the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Planning and improvement interventions - targeted to move the culture forward
  • Organisation development programs - to support and sustain the growth and evolution of the aspired culture
  • Online Employee Opinion Survey©

Typical Culture client and organisation outcomes:

  • Hard business, profit results
  • Stronger awareness of the role and impact of culture
  • Higher commitment and productivity
  • Employer of choice reputation in the marketplace - the place to be!
  • Culture improvement plans
  • Leadership and succession programs
  • Business improvement forums