Alan Cartwright


We deliver a range of courses that offer a fresh and approach to addressing the Strategic, Leadership and Culture needs of businesses today. The courses are in fact the skills and approaches all our consultants use in their work.

Courses are offered both as public programs through our calendar of events and also as in-house courses within client organisations. In-house programmes are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Our public courses are not run of mill training program. Each public course is tailored to the individual needs of the participants in order to ensure the best possible results. Every registrant is contacted by us prior to the session in order to allow us to understand their particular needs and desired learning outcomes. Strict limits on class sizes help us deliver individual attention to every participant.


Our current course offers areOur current course offers are


  • Strategic Business Planning
    Strategy is core business at In Corporate. This is all about the elements that contribute to excellent strategic and business planning from start to end - thinking, planning, implementing, monitoring and reporting -  insider knowledge about how to do it.
  • Writing a Request for Tender that gets results
    Management for LeadersWriting a successful request for tender is a real skill that isn’t taught at university or TAFE yet its an increasing critical skills for managers at every level of government.  In this course learn how to really understand your organisational needs and how to craft that understanding into a request for tender that generates real results for your organisation.


  • Presentation Plus
    Is about developing leadership, the ability to connect, to inspire and engage through presentation skills. It is Presentation Plus Leadership. Improve presentation capability through insightful direction and practicing in a small group environment. Download factsheet.
  • Leading Impact and Presence
    Focusing on the elements to improve impact and presence in public leadership delivered either through one to one executive coaching, or in a tailored, practical conference workshop.
  • Internal Consulting Skills
    Consulting is different from giving advice. Whether  delivered internally or externally it requires people to master relationships, enquiry and analysis, bring to the table their specialty content and deliver tailor made solutions to often quite complex business issues and deliver on desired outcomes over both short and long term horizons.  This program is for anyone who wants to be more in charge of the client relationship and feel their advice and assistance is shared, valued and used.
  • Client Relationship Skills

    Great client relationships are not accidental; they are deliberate.To increase client satisfaction you need to increase people’s desire and capability to build and maintain great relationships. This program gives people skills and approaches to always securing and maintaining highly successful, valued and trusted client relationships. The program can be split into “fundamentals” and “advanced”.

  • Presentations and Meetings: Design and Delivery
    How preparation, planning and design can make presentations, workshops and meetings more valuable for you and your colleagues.
  • Leading Teams More Effectively
    This hands-on, dynamic workshop experience offers a practical and challenging learning experience to develop leadership capability to understand and communicate with teams more effectively.
  • Coaching for Managers
    Coaching is about empowering others to develop solutions, take responsibility and improve performance.  This is about confidence and capability in a core management capability.
  • Building Trust with Dynamic Conversations
    Awareness, demonstrations and practical tips offered to improve trust through conversations that are purposeful, clear and safe
  • Improving Results and Performance in Teams
    Working with the all theory about KPIs, targets, performance management systems and tough conversations – how to really create a strong, productive, happy work culture.
  • Successful Change Management
    Change is a constant; it’s our business at In Corporate, working to ensure change is successfully managed. These are our consulting “secrets” – the approach we’ve developed to make change work.
  • Emotional Intelligence Testing & Development (EQ)

    The MSCEIT leadership profile is highly effective in developing capability for problem solving with and using emotions. Successful leaders demonstrate high level capability in relationships and communication. The Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) evaluates emotional intelligence abilities and is completed on line. A confidential MSCEIT Leadership Profile provides powerful data for coaching and leadership development.


  • Customer Services Skills
    Customer expectations of quality service are a given The business challenge is to match skills with systems and processes to create a robust, solid way of engaging with customers, whether face to face or over the phone. The skills developed in this training are practical; they enable staff to be resourceful at all times and to effectively handle even the most demanding customer. The program can be split into “fundamental” and “advanced”.